STA Launches 'Storage Commitments' for Domestic Providers

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STA Launches 'Storage Commitments' for Domestic Providers

The STA will launch new guidelines for the domestic storage industry, incorporating best practice at the Solar & Storage Live show today.

The STA's Storage Commitments aim to encourage high standards early in the development of the UK's emergent domestic battery storage industry, putting the interests of domestic consumers uppermost. 

Domestic batter storage is designed to store electricity generated through the day by a home’s rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) panels so that the energy is available into the evening, when, typically, home occupiers need it most.

Battery storage is expected to grow rapidly in the UK, with cost reductions in recent years akin to the cost drops seen in solar PV.  However, unlike PV, the storage industry is operating under a less regulated framework, with only standard consumer protection rules applying, as it does not receive public support.  

High standards
STA CEO Paul Barwell said "These clear Commitments, aimed at protecting consumer interests, reflect our members' determination to deliver and champion high standards. 

“Solar sits at the heart of the smart energy transformation, with many of our members actively involved in battery storage. Storage is a game-changer for the whole energy system, not just individual households, so it is essential to set high standards and provide for a quality storage industry that consumers know they can trust.”

The Storage Commitments cover the need to provide clear information to consumers on the benefits and limitations of battery storage, and to ensure domestic investors are empowered to understand and operate storage technology most effectively. The Commitments also cover excellence in safety and technical standards.

The Commitments will be launched this afternoon at Solar & Storage Live by the Chair of STA's 'Behind the Meter' Storage Working Group, Dr Andrew Crossland, who is Energy Storage Specialist for Solarcentury. 

Consumer confidence
Andrew Crossland commented, “It is clear that storage offers benefits to homeowners, as well as to the wider power system and Ministers have quite rightly talked up the importance of storage to delivering a low carbon economy. Companies getting behind the good commitments in this document will help to ensure consumers can have real confidence in this exciting, disruptive and transformative technology.”

Having achieved 5% VAT rate for the installation of storage alongside new solar PV, the STA is pressing for the 5% VAT rate to apply to the retrofit of battery storage as well, for the 875,000 homes that already have solar PV.


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