Finally, Some Good News: Fuel Savings are Easier Than Ever

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Finally, Some Good News: Fuel Savings are Easier Than Ever

There’s so much in the news we can’t control these days: the Brexit negotiations, Theresa May’s cabinet choices, senseless attacks in our cities. But there’s one thing we can control: your business’ fuel spend. And, as the name says, The Fuelcard People are the people to help.

The Fuelcard People offers a range of leading-brand fuel cards and associated support services to enable you to purchase diesel and petrol at a discount. You have access to a wide range of fuel cards from BP, Esso, Shell, Texaco, Diesel Direct (Keyfuels) and UK Fuels, and can enjoy average savings of around 4p at the pumps – and up to 10p less on motorways.

Customers say it’s the personal approach of The Fuelcard People that sets them apart from the competition. Like knowing you’ll receive the most appropriate card for your needs, because they’re not tied to any brand or network, so can give you completely impartial advice. Or how they notify you of guaranteed nationwide fuel prices for the week ahead. Or how payments are made easy with direct debit, saving you hours of paperwork.

If your business spends more than £500 a month on fuel, on average, then The Fuelcard People can help save you money – and hassle. Want to see how much you could be saving with one of their fuel cards? Check out their Savings Calculator tool to see how much less you could be paying per month. Just move the sliders to your specific requirements to see what you could save – in seconds.

Perhaps you already think that you’re pretty good at saving fuel? Why not put your thrift to the test with their quick quiz to find out!

Still undecided? For more reasons why using a fuel card makes sense, take a quick look here to see how the benefits add up. Advantages include interest-free credit and a weekly HMRC-compliant invoice. And there are no transaction fees, contracts, or minimum usage requirements.

Ready to find the best card for your business? Simply choose what coverage you require, which pricing structure you would like, what types of vehicles your business runs and which types of fuel you use. Then see which cards The Fuelcard People recommend for you. It's that simple. And it can guarantee you some good news.

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