Scaffolding Firm Hopes to Attract Female Trainees

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Scaffolding Firm Hopes to Attract Female Trainees

A London scaffolding company has appointed its first female trainee scaffolder – and hopes it will encourage many more.

Yvette Freeman recently joined GKR Scaffolding after working as a Police Constable for the British Transport Police.

GKR said her dedication to safety processes, proactive attitude and great communication skills set her apart from other candidates.

Following recent headlines about how only a handful of women are working as scaffolders, GKR had become involved in various industry initiatives to address the skills gap and increase diversity in the industry. It was this that encouraged Yvette to apply to work for the business, following a dialogue with Vicky Welch, who is behind the Facebook community Females in Scaffolding.

Yvette said: “It means a lot to me that a business has recognised my potential after switching careers, and is willing to invest in my training and development. I’ve been keen to build a career in construction since leaving the Police force and then working as a labourer for a renovations company. I’m really excited about training and working with GKR, and helping break down barriers in the industry.”

Yvette will also be working on GKR’s BetterFuture programme, advising and acting as an ambassador for skills and diversity initiatives. Yvette knows how important it is to have female role models within an industry, after having a female mentor in the police.

She said: “It would be great to walk past a building site in a few years’ time and see women scaffolders at work. I’d like to think that I played a part in them choosing construction and scaffolding as a career by showing them women can do it.”

GKR’s MD Lee Rowswell added: “What impressed us about Yvette was her attitude and approach, and given that she comes from a different industry she will bring valuable transferrable skills.

“We hope that our announcement about Yvette will encourage women and anyone wanting a career change to see past perceived barriers to working in this sector. This goes a long way in ensuring we attract the right skills, not just the right gender to our industry.”


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