Leak-Free Roof at Last for Layfield

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Leak-Free Roof at Last for Layfield

Not long after it was finished, the roof to the Foundation Stage and Children’s Centre building at Layfield Primary School in Yarm, North Yorkshire, started leaking.

Now water ingress is a thing of the past, thanks to SIG Design & Technology, its approved SIGnature Installer, Roofix Ltd and the SIGnature Torch-On System.

The leaking roof area consisted of two pitched oval roofs with a flat roof below. SIG’s investigation revealed that the oval roofs had inadequate detailing around the perimeter upstands, and where they intersected with the lower roof, water had found its way into the building.

“The 450sq m flat roof was damaged beyond repair and needed to be stripped right back to deck,” explained Ian Dryden.

A new roof was then added using the SIGnature system, specified with the self-adhesive SA VCL Vapour Control Layer, tapered insulation, SIGnature 25 Underlay and SIGnature AA Capsheet.

SIG saved an estimated £60+ per m for the 250sq m pitched oval roofs by leaving the original single ply roof in-situ, fitting a 300g separation fleece to the original roof followed by a mechanically fixed underlay and a fully-torch bonded layer of underlay and cap sheet.

“The roof has enjoyed 18 leak-free months since the repairs,” said the school’s Sarah Powell.

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