Chance to Discuss How to Build Better Homes Faster

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Chance to Discuss How to Build Better Homes Faster

Test, instruments, research and consultancy organisation BSRIA is inviting builders, planners and architects to its Building Better Homes Faster event next month.

The event, part of the organisation’s Residential Network events programme, will take place on Friday 7th July in Becket House, Lambeth Palace Road, London.

With a range of topics covered, the event is expected to attract the interest of both public and private stakeholders, who will be invited to take part in a constructive dialogue on how more new, good quality, homes can be delivered per year.

Delivering more new homes has been one of the biggest residential challenges the UK has faced in recent years. BSRIA’s Residential Network event will discuss the challenges and opportunities in moving the housing agenda forward.

Tassos Kougionis, Principal Consultant – Residential, at BSRIA’s Sustainable Construction Group, said:  “In February this year the government released its Housing White Paper, Fixing our Broken Housing Market. The paper introduced a plan to deliver more new homes per year in order to meet the ever-increasing housing demand around the country.

“It is clear to me that both public and private stakeholders will have to work closer together in order to deliver the targets required. As a sector we need to learn from our previous experiences and improve on our way forward. It is very important that the new homes we construct are of high quality and offer occupants the right environment to live and thrive.’’

The event will cover a range of topics, including:

  • Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) update
  • Skills, knowledge and the supply chain
  • Delivering housing volumes through new technologies, off-site manufacturing
  • The role of SMEs in meeting the housing targets
  • Building resilience within the new housing stock

It is open to developers, builders, planners, social housing providers, architects, building control officers, local authorities, consultants and stakeholders, and is expected to offer a unique insight to some of the most important topics currently discussed within the residential sector.

For more information, visit the BSRIA website here.


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