The Five Main Benefits of Apprenticeships

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The Five Main Benefits of Apprenticeships

As youngsters begin to take their GCSE exams and make decisions about their futures, consumer resource Checkatrade has put together the top five benefits of taking an apprenticeship:

1 Apprentices start earning straight away Apprenticeships are paid training courses which involve on the job learning and typically day release to attend college. Apprentices are paid an hourly rate, which varies depending on industry and the type of apprenticeship they are doing. With many young people keen to start earning as soon as possible, they are a great way to learn and earn at the same time.

2. They get insider knowledge on an industry When deciding on a career many of us do so without any real idea of what it is like to do the job. An apprenticeship gives young people an insight into their chosen industry, helping them to decide whether it’s the career path for them.

3. Apprentices build transferrable skills From day one apprentices are building workplace skills which will carry them through their working life. Skills such as time management, teamworking and communication skills are always desired by employers.

4. It can give a career a kick-start For those lucky enough to know which career path they wish to take, an apprenticeship gives young people a helping hand into their chosen career.

5. Apprentices can train up to degree level An apprenticeship offers a young person a recognised qualification, and there is a choice of levels to train up to, including intermediate - which is equivalent to five good GCSEs, advanced – two A levels - and higher, which can be studied up to degree level.

With rising student debt and a potential skills shortage on the horizon, apprenticeships are a great choice for both ambitious young people and businesses across the construction sector.

Working with thousands of local trades, Checkatrade understand the value a committed apprentice can bring to a small business. Along with bringing fresh ideas, apprentices can help boost productivity, ease recruitment issues and help businesses of all sizes grow their talent pool and invest in their staff, in turn boosting morale.

To find out more about Checkatrade visit their website here, and to discover more about adding an apprentice to your team visit the Government website here.


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