Happy Days for Activity Centre Thanks to IKO’s Fix That Hut Scheme

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Happy Days for Activity Centre Thanks to IKO’s Fix That Hut Scheme

The Team Oasis ‘Happy Days’ Activity Centre in Toxteth, Liverpool is the latest group to benefit from IKO’s Fix That Hut scheme.

The scheme, which has been running since 2006, has helped renovate multiple rundown buildings at the heart of local communities. In order to help the community ‘fix their hut,’ IKO donated primer, underlay, cap sheets and IKOslate, which a team of volunteer roofers used to repair the roof.

Team Oasis was founded in 2003 to offer children the chance to escape the negative influences around them, and enjoy a variety of exciting activities and projects, including dance, drama, singing, music, sports, holidays, youth groups and after school clubs.

Toxteth has the highest rate of child poverty in the UK and the worst statistics for crime and all its associated issues, so the centre is a lifeline for young people experiencing great social and economic disadvantage. It aims to promote understanding and remove barriers to children of all abilities growing together.

Team Oasis vigorously strives to open up and promote alternative positive pathways away from the temptations of crime.

IKO’s new roof was the latest project in the ongoing renovation of what was, when Team Oasis moved in, a very dilapidated building.

For more information on IKO’s Fix That Hut scheme visit the IKO website here.

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