Don’t Forget Drivers at Work

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Don’t Forget Drivers at Work

Health and safety at work should also include drivers on work trips, says a road safety organisation on the World Day for Safety and Health at Work, today.

A quarter of all crashes involve people driving as part of their job with thousands killed and injured on our roads every year. But many bosses don't include work journeys as part of corporate health and safety practices, says Adrian Hide, who advises companies on work related road safety with TTC DriverProtect.

"Many businesses are very good at ensuring their staff are well looked after on the roof or onsite but forget that company vehicles are also part of the workplace.

"They must check that drivers are not speeding because of onerous work commitments, not driving when tired and documents are up to date and that includes company owned vehicles as well as the individual's own car, if they use it for work."

The ‘grey fleet’ where people use their own cars for work is one of the biggest risks for employers, warns Adrian. Grey fleet vehicles are usually older and employers often rely on drivers to be responsible for maintenance and legal compliance. But organisations which manage work-related road safety have fewer collisions, low insurance premiums and a fuel efficient fleet, he adds.


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