Free Guide to Marketing Your Firm Digitally

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Free Guide to Marketing Your Firm Digitally

In this increasingly technological age, dominated by the internet and social media, it is highly important to know how to market your company to digital customers, whatever business you are in.

To help point you in the right direction, specialist marketing agency CFA has just published a new eBook entitled ‘The Construction Marketers Guide to Digital Marketing’.

An invaluable tool for anyone working within the industry, the eBook is an easy to follow guide which addresses why digital marketing is important for the built environment, the steps needed to build a successful strategy and how to deploy and measure its success.

It has been written with the entire sector supply chain in mind – from manufacturers and distributors to contractors, consultants, engineers, specifiers, trade associations and industry standards - and designed to help these businesses navigate their way through the changing digital marketing landscape.

The eBook was written by Laura Curtis, CFA’s Head of Digital Marketing and Integrated Strategy. Laura has more than seven years’ B2B experience in digital marketing, working with numerous clients ranging from household global brands to independents, regional businesses and start-ups, and has a wealth of first-hand experience in delivering tangible business results using digital marketing tools.

Laura explained: “The e-Book is a useful reference tool for marketing teams. It has been created to help enable companies to create and implement a digital marketing strategy tailored to their business. It highlights the importance of understanding your audience, how to create compelling content, and integration across different channels. It also illustrates the importance of measuring, how to plan and how to remain flexible if things change.”

The eBook can be requested from the CFA website here.


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