A ‘Stitch Up’ for Richmond?

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A ‘Stitch Up’ for Richmond?

When Richmond Home Improvement Co needed to order some more Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for its operatives, they didn’t have far to look.

Established in 2004, RT Promotions who are based in Poole, have been supplying clients with personalised and branded clothing for many years. 

Previously Richmond had obtained their embroidered branded office attire from RT, but during a conversation between Richard Mack, founder of RT Promotions and Allan Tofield, Owner of Richmond Home Improvement Co, it came to light that a large part of RT Promotions’ work also comes from builders and site workers for PPE and clothing.

Richard says: “Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is defined in the regulations as equipment (including clothing affording protection against the weather) which is intended to be worn or held by a person at work which protects them against one or more risks to their health and safety.  It covers anything used or worn by a person to minimise risk to the person's health or safety and includes a wide range of clothing and safety equipment. The PPE regulations cover boots, , hard hats, ear plugs & ear protectors, respirators, gloves, safety goggles, high visibility clothing etc.”

Allan point out; “I’ve always encouraged a professional appearance of our office staff by wearing smart shirts and blouses that are embroidered with our Richmond logo, upon which we are constantly complimented by our clients and our suppliers.

“It was during a conversation with Richard Mack at a Bournemouth Property Association event, that it became evident that RT Promotions also provide all types of PPE as well.  Since that conversation I’ve placed many orders with them and we now have a full range of branded safety clothing thanks to Richard and his team.”

Allan added, “As one of the area’s leading window and door installers, Richmond Home Improvement Co provide a professional and reliable service and this also fits with RT Promotions’ values.  By having our branded protective clothing it also makes staff morale good as they are proud to wear our brand.”

For more information on how Richmond can help you with soffits, fascias, doors, windows or conservatories, contact their friendly team on 0800 614102 or visit their website here


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