Bauder Gives the Gift of Dignity to Homeless Men and Women

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Bauder Gives the Gift of Dignity to Homeless Men and Women

Bauder’s Janet Copping pictured above with Beacon House CEO Vivienne Wiggins

CRASH patron, Bauder has continued its quest to make practical difference to the lives of homeless men and women through donations of toiletry gift bags.

The idea came about a few years ago when Bauder wanted to give something useful to homeless men and women and, after consulting with charities, they decided to create washbags to give as seasonal gifts

Bauder staff hand-delivered the wash bags to Beacon House a busy day centre in the heart of Colchester.

Each of the bags created contained items that most of us would deem as necessities, however, to a person who has nothing, the thoughtfulness that was put into creating each gift is incomparable.

Beacon House offers healthcare and wellbeing facilities to those who are homeless, in insecure accommodation, or at high risk of homelessness.  Recognising that there are many reasons why individuals become homeless, the charity operates on the three principles of acceptance, empowerment, and change, offering opportunities for their visitors to move forward and get themselves ‘back on track’.  Approx. 40 people visit Beacon House every day.

“This is a wonderful and well thought through appeal,” said CRASH’s Emma Brophy.  “Whilst it is practical, these washbags also provide the gift of dignity.”

This is the third year for Bauder’s wash bag initiative.  Managing Director, Andrew Mackenzie, said: “We are delighted that our gift bags were well received by the people at Beacon House. Being a patron partner of CRASH it gives us the opportunity to help homeless people in a practical and tangible way and we will proactively continue to do so in the future.”

Back to Life
Last month, Bauder, approved contractor G Baker Roofing and rooflight specialist, Xtralite teamed up to help Emmaus Dover with the refurbishment of their roof.
Emmaus Dover is a self-supporting homelessness charity that offers meaningful work and support for all ‘Companions’, as the former homeless people are known. Companions are able to stay as long as they wish at the facility but in return are asked to work in the community in a range of roles according to their skills, ability and interests.

On the clifftop overlooking the harbour of Dover, the charity comprises of several buildings set on a large Scheduled Monument site. This may sound idyllic, however taking on a site of historical significance that is exposed to the elements comes with many expensive challenges.

In the last 12 years there have been no new developments on the site and maintenance has generally followed a reactive approach due to limited finances. 

As a result, Emmaus Dover Trustees approached CRASH for urgent help to develop the site including refurbishing the main roof area, which had exceeded its serviceable life and been experiencing water ingress.

After an initial visit to the project with fellow CRASH patrons, Bauder undertook a comprehensive roof survey and discovered amongst other issues that because of the nature of restrictions on a Scheduled Monument, Emmaus have not been able to install many energy saving features such as double glazing, resulting in them having large heating and energy bills. 

Consequently, it was proposed that approved contractor G Baker Roofing would not only replace 300m2 of the failing existing waterproofing with Bauder’s high quality, long lasting bituminous system Bauderflex but would also improve the thermal performance of the building with Bauder’s 120mm PIR FA-TE insulation. 11 state-of-the-art Xtralite rooflights were also installed to effectively provide daylight and ventilation to the interior.

In order to make this renovation project possible CRASH awarded a grant of £30,000 to help restore the building’s structure, while Bauder, G Baker Roofing and Xtralite provided expert technical advice and all roofing materials free of charge.

One Companion described living at Emmaus Dover “We are a bit like the furniture that arrives here – battered, bruised and broken. But overtime we are restored, renovated and brought back to life.”



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