LRWA Apprentice Wins World Roofing Championships

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LRWA Apprentice Wins World Roofing Championships

A former Liquid Roofing and Waterproofing Association (LRWA) apprentice is encouraging more roofers to consider training opportunities after he scooped a prestigious award at the World Championship for Young Roofers.

Organised by International Federation for the Roofing Trade (IFD), Ben Revit, 22, won the President’s Prize for Innovation in the waterproofing category, after competing against nine other countries during the three-day tournament in Warsaw, Poland.

The President’s Prize was a voluntary task which allowed competitors to use their own creativity and initiative utilising a range of roofing products. Ben impressed judges with his liquid waterproofing skills on a reinforced membrane demonstration.

Working at BriggsAmasco, Ben undertook his Special Apprenticeship programme (SAP) in Liquid Waterproofing Membrane Roofing Systems with the LRWA in 2012, and completed his NVQ Level 2 Diploma in 2014.

Ben Revit undertook his apprenticeship in Liquid Waterproofing Membrane Roofing Systems with the LRWA in 2012.jpgSpeaking of his experience, Ben said: “I couldn’t be happier to have won the award - the reason I was even able to compete in the World Championships for Young Roofers was because of the training that was offered to me by BriggsAmasco and LRWA. Completing my apprenticeship with the LRWA was a great experience and has made me the roofer I am today.

“During training, I was given the opportunity to work with lots of different liquid products that all have varying chemistries and application techniques. Since my apprenticeship, I've also started to see how liquid roofing systems are becoming more popular and I am able to be proactive and put my skills into practice.

“I think my experience with the LRWA has made me more of a competent roofer as it gave me the knowledge and experience I needed to start my career in liquid roofing.”

Quality Training
Ben said he would advise anyone starting their career in the industry, or wanting to enhance their skills, to consider the training opportunities available.

He added: “Quality training provides the experience and knowledge you need for real-life scenarios. I think anyone working in the roofing sector should undertake training as it could also lead to more opportunities, such as the IFD competitions, where you can demonstrate your skills and be recognised for your hard work.”

Chris Bussens, training facilitator at LRWA, concluded: “Huge congratulations to Ben and the rest of Team GB who competed in this year’s event.

“Ben’s accolade is a testament to his continued hard work and dedication, something the LRWA recognised during his training with us. We’re delighted to see he’s flourished into the skilled young roofer he is today, and long may his success continue.”

The bi-annual contest, organised by the International Federation of Roofing Contractors (IFD), was staged over three days on 26 – 29 October in Warsaw, Poland. The team of UK roofing competitors for the Flat Roofing and Pitched Roofing categories was led by the National Federation for Roofing Contractors (NFRC).


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