Difficult to Insulate Roof?

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Difficult to Insulate Roof?

Need to upgrade insulation at rafter level?

Changing the roofline or losing headroom may be your first thought but there’s a way to boost the thermal performance without altering either.

PhotonAir is a new generation of insulating breather membranes with a thermal performance equivalent to 40mm of PIR. It squeezes better thermal performance out of your roof without changing the roof height and delivers the secondary weather protection of a breathable underlay – an efficient way to upgrade, manage condensation and retain the roofline.

Installed in the same way as a breather membrane, PhotonAir boosts the U value of the roof to compensate for deficiencies elsewhere. Often this is unachievable without either raising the roofline or losing headroom in the space below.

LABC-Registered PhotonAir brings transparency to the job. Fully breathable, easy to install, air-open and doesn’t need counter battening, it is draped over rafters like a conventional breather membrane, side-stepping the need to raise the roof.

  • Upgrades thermal performance without the risk of condensation
  • Needs no Vapour Barrier or counter-battening
  • Is air-open - no ridge or high level ventilation required
  • Is the ONLY low resistance (LR) insulating underlay approved by LABC.

Still need convincing? Visit www.thermictechnology.co.uk.

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