New Sievert Hot Air Tool with the Highest Airflow on the Market

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New Sievert Hot Air Tool with the Highest Airflow on the Market

The DW 3000 is supplied in a smart case with room for tools, accessories and an extra heating element. Once cooled down, the heating tool can be packed with the nozzle still in place, thus simplifying preparations for the next work place.

Sievert’s new Hot Air Tool for professionals - DW 3000 - has the highest airflow on the market and is adjustable in three steps between 300 – 360 l/min.

With an adjustable temperature between 100 – 600 degrees Celsius, the bright, anti-reflection LED-display shows the actual temperature at the nozzle.

The DW 3000 is designed for roofing work, floor laying, plastics welding and vehicle workshops. The tool is both powerful and light, weighing only 810 grams - making work a lot easier.

A successor to the DW 2000, the new DW 3000 is a landmark step-change in hot air tools - the only similarity to its predecessor is in appearance!

“We have come up with a good design for our new products and naturally we wish to retain this in our new heating tool, but otherwise everything else is new,” said Mikael Brelin, CEO, Sievert AB.

The new electronics have been developed in collaboration with a Swedish company, one of the leading developers of power supply electronics and motor control in the Nordic countries.

“We have developed entirely new hardware and software for the Sievert DW 3000 heating hot air tool,” said Vidar Wernöe. Managing director, Elektronikkonsult AB.

“The task was to produce a robust piece of hardware that, irrespective of working conditions, would provide a very precise and stable temperature and motor control. Tests carried out by both ourselves and Sievert show we have succeeded,” added Vidar.

Shows temperature at nozzle
The temperature for the DW 3000 is simple to set with a plus and minus button on the handle. The actual temperature at the nozzle is shown by a bright LED display. The tool’s built-in voltmeter enables monitoring of the voltage at the work site. This is to prevent damage to the tool and to attract the attention of the operator

Tests and high praise
The new Sievert DW 3000 has been tested by professional users in the field and in varying conditions. Tests performed at different sites in Europe show that the DW 3000’s advanced electronics, stand up to working in rugged operating conditions. The high, adjustable airflow and the precise temperature control at the nozzle are praised highly by the test users, who say these features make work easier when working with different materials and when outside temperatures in varying weather conditions.

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