How Much Money Could a Workplace Accident Cost Your Business?

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How Much Money Could a Workplace Accident Cost Your Business?

A new infographic from Safeaid Supplies has revealed the financial impact an injury in the workplace can have on a business.

On average a major injury costs a business £16,200 through lost output and £5,200 in resource costs.

Despite a number of health and safety laws put into place to prevent accidents occurring in the workplace, 728 prosecutions were processed for health and safety breaches in the 2014/2015 business year.

There were 76,054 injuries to employees in the UK during the same period, and more worryingly, 114 workers were killed at work during the 2015/16 business year.

These incidents are not just severe in terms of human cost and business reputation, but can also cost a business thousands of pounds in terms of lost output and resource costs.

The top 10 regions in the UK with largest number of employees injured in a workplace (accidents per 100,000)

  • East Midlands - 2700
  • Wales – 2640
  • South West – 2360
  • West Midlands – 2270
  • East – 2240
  • Scotland – 2230
  • South East – 2210
  • Yorkshire & Humber – 2200
  • North West – 1900
  • North East – 1820
  • London – 1470

Richard Bowen, Sales Director at Safeaid Supplies commented on the data in the infographic – “When it comes to running a business, the health and safety of your employees should be the number one priority. The data in the infographic shows that getting this right, not only results in happier healthier work place, but can save a business, thousands – even millions of pounds.”

You can take a look at the infographic here.

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