Firestone’s Rubberguard EPDM is a Winner at Chester Races

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Firestone’s Rubberguard EPDM is a Winner at Chester Races

Firestone’s RubberGard™ EPDM waterproofing membrane has been used to protect the roof of a new hospitality area at Chester Racecourse located beneath a wooden balcony where racegoers can watch the start and finish of races from a spectacular trackside vantage point.

The 150m2 roof has been constructed with a slight sloping surface to enable drainage via two outlets at one end. Firestone Authorised Contractor, Furber Roofing, installed the RubberGard™ EPDM membrane on the roof’s surface and up the parapet wall around its perimeter, terminating the membrane on the external surface of the wall. All joins on the fully adhered membrane were sealed using Firestone’s QuickSeam™ Splice Tape system, which provides consistent adhesive thickness and excellent long-term performance.

The roof features 20 steel stanchions mounted on small pedestals with cross shaped supports to hold the wooden balcony structure in place.  To seal the joins in these locations, Furber Roofing used Firestone’s EPDM Pourable sealer, a two-component polyurethane sealer designed to create a watertight seal around small penetrations and details with unusual shapes, which fully encapsulates each stanchion in the watertight membrane while providing a flexible finish.

Comments Karl Furber from Furber Roofing: “Firestone’s RubberGard™ EPDM system was ideal for this installation and it enabled us to completely encapsulate both the horizontal and vertical surfaces of the roof along with the steel supports for the balcony.

“The system’s durability and proven service life mean that Chester Racecourse can be confident of a low maintenance solution below the wooden balcony, enabling race goers to cheer on the horse they’ve backed for many seasons to come.”

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