APM Reveal Average Salaries of UK Project Managers

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APM Reveal Average Salaries of UK Project Managers
  • Average salary of project manager rises 10 per cent from 2015 to £50,000
  • Average value of projects undertaken  £7.5 million
  • Demand for project managers to learn soft skills across industry

The Association for Project Managements’ largest ever survey of almost 5,000 project managers has revealed exactly what the project professionals, who deliver everything from battle ships to IT infrastructures, really earn and just how satisfied they are. 

Across the profession, project managers earn on average £50,000, up by over 10 per cent compared to 2015.
In London and South East this average increased by almost £6000 to £55,753 and while most of the UK earn just short of the average, project professionals in Scotland and the Midlands earn on average £50,000 per annum.

The results show a clear pathway of progression for those entering the profession with salaries ranging from £6,250 as a student through to £90,000 as a company director or board member; while project managers, portfolio managers and programme managers earn on average between £46,500 and £66,000.

Positive Picture
The report paints a positive picture for the industry with 82 per cent of respondents claiming to be satisfied in their role and almost six in ten anticipating that their pay and benefits will increase over the next 12 months.

However, it also showed a four per cent rise in respondents who were anticipating redundancies in the near future and almost a third of respondents reporting a likely change in job in the next 12 months, an indicator of growing uncertainty in some sectors of the industry.

Leadership Lacking
The survey also revealed a lack of skills and competencies in organisation’s project management teams.  Almost 30 per cent of those asked, claimed their project management professionals lacked leadership and management skills, while a further 26 per cent claimed coaching and mentoring skills were also lacking.

With over £500 billion investment forecast in major projects in the public sector alone, demand for highly trained and world class project professionals is set to grow, creating huge opportunities for project professionals to thrive in diverse and interesting future projects and roles, but it is evident the profession must embrace new skills to remain at the top of its game.

Salary by job role 

Job role

Base salary (Median)

Academic or trainer


Assistant Project Manager


Business or Systems Analyst


Change Manager


Company Director or Board Member




Portfolio Manager


Programme Manager


Programme or Project Office Manager


Programme or Project Office Support


Programme or Project Planner


Project Administrator


Project Coordinator


Project Manager


Recruiter or HR






For more information on the Survey or to download your copy visit the APM website here


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