Brett Martin Launches Roof Sealants

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Brett Martin Launches Roof Sealants

Brett Martin Daylight Systems has launched Roof Sealants, a quality range of market-leading fillers, tapes and sealants which offer extensive product choice, excellent customer service and competitive pricing. Brett Martin Roof Sealants are the optimum accessory for roofing and cladding applications.

Brett Martin manufactures its own foam fillers at its Coventry production plant. The extensive range features products capable of solving a host of sealing issues. Polyethylene, Supaseal and Very High Temperature Material (VHTM) exhibit the highest standards of accuracy, design and quality, ensuring the ideal solutions for all types of cladding and rooflights, airsealing, and fire or acoustic sealing.

Bespoke Fillers
For more specific requirements, Brett Martin can manufacture bespoke fillers using their extensive profile identification guide. Such fillers can be used within eaves, ridge and other roof intersections.
Sourced from the world’s leading brands such as Soudal, Hodgson Sealants and Dow Corning, Brett Martin Roof Sealants provide the most extensive product choice possible.

Products such as Silirub, Silfix U9 and Soudafoam FR can be found within the Cartridge Sealants and Fire-Rated ranges.

Of the highest quality, the products are ideal for everyday tasks and specialist project work. With outstanding durability among their renowned properties, the sealants are perfect for tasks such as roofing, cladding, glazing and firewalls.

The Roof Sealants tapes offering is drawn from global-leading brands including HS Butyl, STP and 3M. Key ranges include Self-Adhesive Foam Tapes and the Butyl Strip range.

From Butyl Mastic to Polyband and EPDM Foam Tape, the stock includes a high quality tape to suit most projects including sealing laps on roofing and cladding, air-sealing and irregular gap fillers.

Complete Solution
The service provided goes beyond the Roof Sealants brochure which can be viewed at

Brett Martin offers the complete solution – help with product selection, project planning, customer training and technical enquiries. With Roof Sealants, each product showcases its unique characteristics making it easy for customers to find a solution that is right for them.

Regardless of the brand you choose, be assured your choice will be high in quality, performance and flexibility.
To purchase any Brett Martin Roof Sealants product or discuss your project requirements, please contact the Sales Department direct at Brett Martin Daylight Systems in Coventry. Call +44(0) 24 7660 2022 or visit the website here.

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