New Housing Minister Must Build on Positive Legacy, says FMB

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New Housing Minister Must Build on Positive Legacy, says FMB

Brian Berry, Chief Executive of the FMB, said: “We welcome the appointment of Gavin Barwell as the new Minister of State for Housing and Planning. The Government has rightly identified housing as one of the greatest challenges facing this country and having reaffirmed its commitment to building one million new homes over the course of this parliament, Barwell is assuming an important position at a critical juncture.

Berry continued: “It’s encouraging that Barwell has previous experience in the Department for Communities and Local Government as Parliamentary Private Secretary to Greg Clark, who has been a great champion of local house builders.

“It’s of vital importance that Barwell continues with the positive legacy Lewis left behind, which saw house building completion figures rise and a range of initiatives introduced aimed at empowering smaller developers.

“With a new Prime Minister in place, now is perhaps the time to start thinking about more radical solutions to the housing crisis, including enabling local authorities to fund house building by lifting borrowing caps.



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