NFRC Appoints Head of Technical Services

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NFRC Appoints Head of Technical Services

Kevin Taylor, a well-known figure to the National Federation of Roofing Contractors’ (NFRC) members as the technical officer for Slating and Tiling, has recently been promoted to lead all NFRC's technical services including flat roofing, sheeting and cladding and health and safety.

The NFRC says Kevin has vast experience throughout the industry and is a respected authority within organisations such as BSI and NHBC. He has served NFRC for over ten years and prior to this, had a long career in the industry from apprentice through to contracts manager, college lecturer and independent consultant.

James Talman, NFRC Chief Executive, said, "I am delighted with Kevin's appointment which has come at a very important time in the development of NFRC. The delivery of leading edge technical services to members and stakeholders is the bedrock of what we offer. As such, we are looking to put significant investment into this part of our business, through Kevin's leadership, to ensure we fulfil this objective. He will be a valued member and contributor to our senior management team."

"It is an honour to be asked to take on this new and exciting role. I very much look forward to playing a full and active part in the development of NFRC, and the wider industry, over the coming years" commented Kevin Taylor, on his recent promotion.



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