New MSA Latchways Mini PFL is a Double Winner

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New MSA Latchways Mini PFL is a Double Winner

The first fall protection product bringing together the global reach of MSA Safety and the engineering innovation of recent acquisition Latchways, now the world’s premier fall protection product range, has won two international awards.

The MSA Latchways Mini Personal Fall Limiter (PFL) is smaller and lighter than its predecessor and offers a combination of innovative engineering, extraordinary materials and the latest design techniques.

PFLs work in a similar manner to a seat belt, permitting normal movement to facilitate work but in the event of a sudden fall, the mechanism locks preventing any further movement. With the Mini PFL, users from 60-140 kg, including tools are accommodated.

The MSA Latchways Mini PFL weighs only one kilogramme when fitted with a double locking snap hook, and is 1.8 m in length. Suitable for use in close anchorage applications such as building and maintenance, or where working space is limited, the highly durable see-through polycarbonate case protects the Mini PFL’s internal components from any impact damage and the energy absorber is completely sealed from external contaminants, making it an ideal choice for the construction and roofing sectors.

For further information visit the MSA Latchways Mini PFL webpage here

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