RGB is Looking for Builder’s Bums!

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RGB is Looking for Builder’s Bums!

RGB Building Supplies is calling out to the trade community to be involved with their Well Built Builders Bum 2017 calendar in aid of their chosen charity Prostate Cancer UK.

The calendar will feature photos of real tradesmen and women from Devon, Cornwall or Somerset doing their job, but showing a glimpse of their bottom!

For those that would like to be involved, as well as showing their support to Prostate Cancer UK, the calendar will act as a piece of promotion as they will be able to include a branded van or t-shirt in the photo.

Keith Harris, Product & Marketing Manager at RGB, commented:

“The builders bum is an industry stereotype that isn’t really warranted, so we wanted to have a little fun with it to raise money for a fantastic cause. There are some great tradesmen and women in the region who we know will be happy to support the charity appeal and get involved. We can assure everyone that the photos will be very tasteful!”

Tradesmen and women wishing to be involved with the charity calendar are asked to email RGB@pmwcom.co.uk to put themselves forward by Sunday 17th July.

The Well Built Builders Bum calendar will be on sale from the beginning of October. 


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