European Construction Industry Joins Forces for Better Standardisation

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European Construction Industry Joins Forces for Better Standardisation

The representatives of three European construction sector associations today joined Commissioner Elżbieta Bieńkowska in Amsterdam, to co-sign the Joint Initiative on Standardisation.

The initiative sets out actions to modernise, prioritise and speed up the delivery of standards by the end of 2019, respecting the needs of their users. It kicks off a dialogue between all the stakeholders involved in standardisation: European and national standardisation organisations, industry, civil society, Member States and the Commission who gathered at the Europe Building today to celebrate the agreement, in a ceremony organised by the Dutch Presidency.

"We offer the expert contribution of our members for the benefit of European standardisation to better respond to both the practical needs of the businesses in our sector and the legal certainty that is required for the use of standards" agree the CEOs of the European federations of construction material producers and construction enterprises.

Significant impact
Standardisation has a significant impact on the construction industry and the development of the Joint Initiative on Standardisation has been supported by three sectoral federations, namely Construction Products Europe, representing the manufacturers of construction products, as well as EBC and FIEC, together representing construction enterprises of all sizes – from one person micro firms and SMEs to large globally active contractors – across Europe.

Christophe Sykes, Director General of Construction Products Europe says that “Standardisation helps increase the efficiency of our industry and for construction products it also has a regulatory purpose. Finding the right balance between these two elements is key for a healthy European construction products market.” As part of the Joint Initiative, the three construction sector associations intend to develop a specific action later in the year, to improve the quality of standardisation in construction. This action will complement the Joint Initiative and will deliver specific improvements, amongst other things by aiming to reduce overlapping measures and fill existing gaps. The collaboration within the Joint Initiative, between these three sector associations will provide a good basis for mutually beneficial solutions benefitting both the sector and its public or private clients.


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