Chimney Standards are Changing

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Chimney Standards are Changing

Chimney standards are changing, in particular the test methods for metal system chimneys and a new range of standards to cover chimney accessories.

The updated EN 13216-1:2016 standard will be the definitive test method standard for system chimneys and will become a harmonized standard in autumn 2016. This will replace EN 1859 as the test method standard. The testing methods have been expanded to cover different types of chimney installation used throughout Europe. Chimney designations will be expanded to include the type of installation tested for the CE mark.

A range of standards EN 16475-Pts 1-4, 6 & 7 are to be published this year to cover chimney accessories. These are: silencers, chimney fans, draught regulators, flue dampers, access components and rain caps.

CE Marking
For manufacturers of standard terminals and accessories, these products will be covered by EN 16475-7 and this will then require the products to be CE marked.

David Butler, Test Engineer, said: “BSRIA test will be able to test against the new methods for system chimneys and also be able to carry out testing to the new EN 16475-7 standard for terminals and accessories.”

The range of products tested by BSRIA includes:

  • Metal system chimneys.
  • Metal flue liners.
  • Clay/ceramic products.
  • Concrete flue liners/blocks.
  • Concrete outer wall elements.
  • Fire-stop testing.

The test facilities cover the full range of testing requirements:

  • Bespoke data acquisition and processing combined with advanced safety systems within the facility which enables several tests to be conducted simultaneously.
  • Safety, fire resistance, reliability and performance characteristics.
  • Temperature, pressure, water vapour diffusion resistance or condensate penetration resistance, sootfire resistance, rain penetration.

BSRIA is a non-profit distributing, member-based association, providing specialist services in construction and building services. 


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