Glidevale Offers One Size Fits All Universal In-line Tile Ventilator

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Glidevale Offers One Size Fits All Universal In-line Tile Ventilator

Glidevale’s universal in-line® flat interlocking tile ventilator.

Glidevale, the specialist building products and ventilation solutions provider, has introduced a universal in-line flat interlocking tile ventilator for roofs to complement its existing tile ventilator range.

Suitable for both stockists and contractors, the ventilator provides a ‘one size fits all’ solution which can be easily installed as part of the normal tiling process.

AA fire rated and with a guaranteed ventilation area of 10,000mm2, the ventilator is offered in six UV-stable colours.

It can be used with a range of tile profiles including Marley Modern, Redland Mini Stonewold, Sandtoft Calderdale and Russell Grampian amongst many others.

The ventilator’s sleek and unobtrusive finish is complementary to the overall aesthetics of the roof.

It offers superior wind uplift resistance and its concealed baffles catch any wind driven rain or snow. It can be adapted into a soil ventilation pipe or mechanical extraction terminal by means of a Glidevale pipe adaptor and flexible pipe.

Contact: 0161 905 5700, email or visit the Glidevale website here.  

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