Seamsil® Protects and Extends Roof Life at Total Fitness Centres

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Seamsil® Protects and Extends Roof Life at Total Fitness Centres

Altrincham is the latest Total Fitness Centre to get a roof makeover with Seamsil® the UK’s leading Cut Edge Corrosion Treatment.

During the last 3 years, seventeen of the famous physical fitness centres have benefitted from the application of Seamsil®, part of a time proven remedial system for the external repair of profiled steel roof sheeting.

It’s over 20 years since Delvemade invented its patented silicone external repair system, for cut edge corrosion on profiled plastisol/PVDF coated steel roof sheeting. The system was developed from the outset with help from Itac, its parent company.

With the co-operation of BSC (now Tata Steel), Delvemade devised an effective and long-term solution to a problem, which was affecting the metal roofs of many of its premises. The problem was cut edge corrosion. It is caused predominantly by attack from acid rain and pollutants, which are then retained as moisture in critical roof overlaps and gutter overhangs. This results in corrosion of the profiled steel roof sheets. If not treated quickly and effectively, the damage could lead to the need for partial or complete roof replacement.

Today, Delvemade Protective Coatings Programme, is widely recognised as the most effective sustainable solution to the problems. It helps to extend the life of roofs treated and retain the value of the building stock.

Approved contractor, D & D Coatings, is carrying out the installation contract for all Total Fitness centres throughout the UK.

Delvemade’s sole distributor, Girom Giromax, is responsible for product control and specification whilst overseeing all UK installations.

For more information, call  01204 868604, email: or visit the Delvemade website by clicking here.

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