Midland Lead Launches New Cladding Solution at RCI 2016

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Midland Lead Launches New Cladding Solution at RCI 2016

Aluminium composite cladding

Industry professionals visiting Midland Lead’s stand were given the opportunity to see the firm’s new customised cladding range for individual facades, available in zinc, copper, aluminium and lead.

As well as opening up new possibilities for a building’s aesthetics and working to preserve the structure, the new metal cladding solution is an environmentally-friendly, lightweight, weatherproof product that offers a full suite of practical features, including fast installation, low maintenance, large panel size opportunities and pre-fabrication options.

Launched under Midland Lead’s Construction arm, the introduction marks part of a longer-term strategy that will see the firm diversify into differing markets and products, alongside its core business of manufacturing and suppling machine cast lead. 

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