Bilco Roof Access Hatch Stands to Attention at RAF Mildenhall

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Bilco Roof Access Hatch Stands to Attention at RAF Mildenhall

A Bilco 1270mm x 1820mm D-50T roof access hatch has been installed on The Water Well Building at RAF Mildenhall in Suffolk.

The Water Well Building is built into the landscape and houses a borehole, which provides drinking water for the facility, and Bilco’s D-50T roof access hatch is providing a convenient means of access for maintenance.

“We have used Bilco products a number of times in the past and know that we will be supplied with a quality product that meets the demands of its environment,” explains Danny Galvin, Quantity Surveyor, VINCI Construction UK. “On a building where people will need to gain regular access to a space for ongoing maintenance, an access hatch that is easy to use and suitable for moving large equipment through is ideal and the Bilco D-50T fitted the bill perfectly.”

Compression spring operators make the D-50T easy to use, even with one hand, whilst the automatic hold-open arm locks mean that the doors will remain in the open position whilst equipment and personnel pass through the hatch safely.

The D-50T roof access hatch is built from corrosion resistant materials to provide many years of dependable performance that ensure that weather tightness and energy efficiency is never compromised. The D-50T roof access hatch is available in a range of sizes to suit any application.

For more information on Bilco’s extensive range of smoke hatches and roof access solutions please visit the Bilco website here.


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