Green Roof Proves Sustainable Solution at Eco-Lodge

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Green Roof Proves Sustainable Solution at Eco-Lodge

A green roof has been installed for a new garden ‘Eco Lodge’ at a sustainable development in Gloucestershire.

ASHA UK, a peace and reconciliation charity, has used Firestone Building Products’ RubberGard™ EPDM roofing membrane as part of a green roof installation for a new garden based at a Georgian House in Flaxley, Gloucestershire. The charity provides a centre for inter-cultural activities, including educational, performing arts and environmental programmes and offers an inspirational place that welcomes people of all faiths and cultures.

The new Eco-Lodge has been constructed within the ASHA Centre’s 4.5 acres of biodynamic gardens to provide a space for meditation, watching nature or for use as a breakout space during meetings and educational programmes.

Architect Paul Thornton Building Design specified a green roof for the timber frame building and green roof specialist, Landmark Living Roofs, contacted environmentally-friendly flat roofing specialist, Envirotek, to advise on specification for the warm roof system.

Envirotek suggested Firestone’s RubberGard 1.5mm fully bonded EPDM waterproofing membrane for the project.  The company installed a vapour barrier onto the 120m2 plywood roof following by 120mm rigid PIR insulation board.  The EPDM membrane was then adhered to the insulation board using Firestone’s Bonding Adhesive and Firestone’s QuickSeam™ Splice Tape system was used to securely seal the joins.

The company also installed custom-made brackets to the edge of the roof to support the green roof’s retaining angle, using Firestone’s QuickSeam FormFlash to waterproof these details.

The green roof medium was then installed by Landmark Living Roofs to complete the project.

Comments Neil Jones from Envirotek: “We have been using Firestone’s EPDM roofing membranes for more than 20 years and always feel confident in recommending them for installation where the waterproofing membrane will be used underneath another element.

“The ASHA Centre is a very special and peaceful place and the completed Eco-Lodge reflects its natural surroundings with an attractive green roof that will remain waterproof for decades thanks to Firestone’s advanced EPDM technology.”

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