Icopal Design Modified Decra Roof Tile for Shetland Islands Customers

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Icopal Design Modified Decra Roof Tile for Shetland Islands Customers

Icopal is responding to the issue of corroding roof tiles in Shetland by enhancing the bottom course of existing Decra roof systems with a modified eaves tile affectionately known as ‘The Shetland Tile’. This new approach enhances the benefits of the classic Decra tile and is specially designed for roof systems on the Shetland Islands.

Shetland has the most corrosive environment in the UK, so some Shetland residents face the issue of their roof tiles corroding before the end of the manufacturer’s warranty. Icopal realised a new system design was needed to withstand the low temperatures and severe, corrosive salt spray.

Icopal’s unique design for customers in Shetland adds a double coat of acrylic and epoxy base coat to the underside of a Decra roof system. By then baking the new Eaves tile, greater durability is ensured. As moss is also a common problem in Shetland the Decra Classic Black with anti-moss can be specified for additional protection.

Committed to delivering excellent customer service, Icopal is offering an upgrade to the new system to existing Decra customers in Shetland.

There are six certified Decra roof installers on the Shetland Islands.

Mike Leigh, with the dual roles of Acting Decra Sales Director and Business Development Manager covering UK North at Icopal, said, “The new aluminium and zinc galvanised steel used for our tiles has proved to be much more resistant to salt spray corrosion. With the addition of our Shetland Coastal Eaves Tiles, we have been able to introduce a free 40 years insured guarantee and are confident that we have the best solution for the islands. Our success in Shetland has helped open the door to other islands, which are now starting to feel the benefits of our systems. We are currently offering special terms for islanders who wish to replace their aging Decra roofs.”

The Decra lightweight tile resembles the appearance of slate or concrete roof tiles and the metal core construction out-performs slate and concrete tiles on robustness and weather security as Decra tiles have been BS 5534 compliant long before the 2015 building regulations amendment. The tiles are totally dry fixed throughout and contoured to provide a strong, interlocking roof covering.

Decra tiles are lightweight and produced in large format to allow faster installations with fewer fixings compared to traditional tile or slate roofing. By reducing installation time and therefore, labour costs, Decra is also an economical option.

For more information on this offering, visit the Decra website.

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