TLX Gold Makes it a Double

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TLX Gold Makes it a Double

TLX Insulation now has its entire range accredited by BBA certification with the latest addition being TLX Gold the unique 2 in 1 Insulating Breather membrane.

The BBA (British Board of Agrément) is the UK’s major certification body for the construction industry, and their mark of approval provides specifiers with a guarantee that the product will do what it claims. The product has to undergo a battery of tests on multiple samples and the manufacturer is audited against a quality plan, so architects and builders can be confident that the insulation build-ups they use will perform as they should.

“Although the existing European certification covered the same performance standards, we felt that the trusted certification for UK architects was the BBA”, said MD Thomas Hunt, “and it seems appropriate that since TLX Gold sets the gold standard in breathable insulating membranes it should have the gold standard in certification”.

TLX Gold is fully breathable so is the ideal choice where condensation is a concern, especially where the ceiling remains in place and a vapour barrier cannot be installed. Used draped between the rafters, the tile battens can be applied directly and so there is no need to raise the roof. It even becomes possible to insulate boarded roofs by draping TLX Gold over a 50mm counterbatten – a popular choice for many Listed Buildings.

Further information about the TLX range - and the BBA certificate covering both TLX Gold and Silver - can be found on the company website.

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