Time Saving Pre-Punched Nozzle for Saint Gobain PAM’s Cyclone Steel Rainwater System.

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Time Saving Pre-Punched Nozzle for Saint Gobain PAM’s Cyclone Steel Rainwater System.

A new pre-punched gutter section for Saint Gobain PAM’s Cyclone steel rainwater systems promises to save time and simplify installation compared to other steel systems on the market.  It is used with the system’s standard outlet piece.

The new gutter section, traditionally known as a nozzle, has a 100mm diameter hole pre-punched in a 250mm length of gutter and is simply fitted into a gutter run using a standard joint ready for the gutter outlet and downpipe.

Using other steel rainwater systems, the installer has to cut their own hole using either tin snips or a hole cutter, remove sharp edges with a file and bend the edges of the hole down to form a rain lip; a process that can be time consuming to complete.

Says Mike Rawlings, marketing manager for Saint Gobain PAM:  “Adding this new fitting to our cyclone range makes it potentially the fastest fit steel rainwater system in the UK.  Utlising the factory approved nozzle section also ensures that you a pre-punched hole that is the right size for optimum flow into the downpipe.  It also avoids any damage to the coating which could occur through manual preparation

Continues Rawlings:  “Cyclone is competitively priced against leading quality plastic systems, is just as fast to install and offers a longer life with less maintenance.  For property owners concerned about life time costs, such as social housing landlords, then a steel rainwater system should be their first choice, as it is in much of Scandinavian Europe.”

The Cyclone range is coated with a high build polyester paint “Prelac Nova RWS” produced by SSAB, combining the benefits of polyester coatings, which ensure resistance to corrosion, and the merits of galvanized steel, which provides high strength.

The range is available in a choice of four standard colours from stock; black, silver metallic, white and dark grey all of which are UV protected so will not fade or crack. The gutter profile is half round in sizes 100, 125 and 150mm with a deeper flow capability. Rainwater downpipes and fittings are available in 75, 87 and 100mm diameters.

Concludes Rawlings: ““Steel has a contemporary look and feel, and offers a quality rainwater and gutter solution that is cost competitive with quality plastic systems and lower in price than aluminium. The Cyclone system is lightweight and easy to install, as components simply connect using jointing clips, whilst the range of colours available helps to enhance the external characteristics of a building.”

For further information about Saint Gobain PAM’s Cyclone range please contact: Saint Gobain PAM, Sinclair Works, Station Road, Ketley, Telford.  Shropshire.  TF1 5AD.  Telephone:  01952 262500 or visit the Saint Gobain PAM website here.


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