IKO’s Permascreed: the Versatile Solution

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IKO’s Permascreed: the Versatile Solution

Permascreed from IKO PLC is the mastic asphalt alternative to traditional cement screeds. It’s an effective way to level or create drainage falls on roofs and surface decks – but it’s much more than that. It provides benefits traditional screeds just can’t match.

Permascreed is fast to apply using traditional methods. With a walk-on drying time of just one hour there are fewer delays for other trades waiting to get to work. There’s also an advantage when used on exposed sites – given the unpredictable weather in the UK it’s useful to know it takes just 60 minutes to cure.

The innovative screed has zero water content, so there’s no waiting for moisture to evaporate and no risk of cement stained water getting into the underlying structure, making it ideal for both refurbishment and new build. And, given the screed thickness is up to 80% less than traditional materials, it is also much lighter.

Marcus Lee, IKO’s Sales Director, emphasises the flexibility of Permascreed for multiple applications: “It can be laid on primed concrete, glass fibre tissue or torch-on glass based bituminous membranes, and because it’s flexible and quick to cure it’s easy to achieve precise falls. If it’s applied in the morning, the roof finish can be applied later the same day, which means contractors can get on with completing the job quickly and more efficiently.”

IKO has developed a new brochure detailing all the features and benefits of Permascreed. For more information and a link to download the brochure visit http://goo.gl/nFk7J5 or call 01257 255771 and ask for your copy. Follow @ikoplc.

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