Top Marks for Bilco Smoke Vents at University of Hertfordshire

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Top Marks for Bilco Smoke Vents at University of Hertfordshire

Ninety UDF-50 REM Bilco Natural Smoke and Heat Ventilators (NSHEVs) are being installed by T R Freeman in a large scale accommodation development at the University of Hertfordshire. The development at the College Lane Campus is comprised of a mixture of individual bedrooms, twin rooms and studios ensuring that there is quality accommodation to suit every student.

All of Bilco’s NSHEV products are manufactured to the highest possible standards, are CE Marked and meet Construction Products Regulation 305/2011. At 1500mm x 1620mm Bilco’s double leaf UDF-50 REM Smoke Vents offer a 1.5m2 clear vent area – making them ideal for dwellings of multiple occupancy such as halls of residence.

The UDF-50 REM smoke vent is fully automated and features built in wind deflectors, so in the event of a fire they will open quickly and provide an excellent escape route from the building for smoke and fumes.

“At Bilco we pride ourselves on providing excellent products that will help to create the safest possible environment,” said James Fisher, Managing Director, Bilco UK.  He added, “Specifying the correct product in the event of a fire can make all the difference and our team of experts are on hand to help you make the best selection.”

For more information about Bilco’s product range please visit the website here

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