Quotatis Launches Smart – ‘An Office in Your Pocket’

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Quotatis Launches Smart – ‘An Office in Your Pocket’

Quotatis has taken a major step from being a lead provider to a total service provider with the launch of its Smart account, aimed at giving its users ‘an office in your pocket’ with powerful features and functions to support them at every step from getting the work from customer enquiries to getting paid.

Smart enables Quotatis customers to ‘get seen, get work, get organised, get paid and get rated’ with enhanced review and rating functions as well as all the tools to structure the processing of leads all the way to final payment for the completed job.

Quotatis Sales Director Teresa Gizzi said: “Smart is far more than lead generation – it is a whole new way of helping contractors of all sizes to manage the entire process as well as building their reputation from every job they do.

“This is the biggest step forward we have ever taken and one which we know will bring massive benefits to every contractor using it. We are all very excited about it and the early response to trials has been fantastic.”

The Smart App is part of the Smart account and not only passes sales leads to smartphone, tablet or desk but then takes contractors through the process of quoting the homeowner, invoicing for the job and taking payment before they go on to invite reviews from the consumers.

The advanced Quotatis Ratings and Review system, Smart Reviews, also gives every contractor a bespoke branded web page allowing contractors to showcase their great reviews. These reviews can also be shared on social media, with a Facebook app to help contractors get even more exposure online. Contractors can also display reviews on their own website using the Quotatis trust icon, so visitors can see these independent reviews.

Smart is tailored for different sizes and styles of companies: Smart Local for the sole trader and small business, Smart Connect for companies looking to be more specific about what they need and Smart Select for those companies that want to be selective about the leads they pick.

Teresa Gizzi concluded: “It is clear that the small or medium business will have the most to gain from Smart, because it performs many functions that might otherwise be inaccessible to them, but there are benefits for companies of all sizes and this is supported by the feedback we have received so far.”

More information about the Smart Account is available on the Quotatis website.

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