Skelmersdale Project Sheds Light on the Added Value of Plygene Gutterline

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Skelmersdale Project Sheds Light on the Added Value of Plygene Gutterline

When Midlands-based facilities management and construction specialists Oakley Industrial Services were asked to provide a solution to 1,400 linear meters of poorly maintained leaking gutters they immediately knew there was only one product that had them covered - Plygene Gutterline from HD Sharman Ltd.

As part of a wider project to carry out dilapidation works to a 471,968 sq ft Distribution unit in Skelmersdale, Lancashire, Oakley was contracted to carry out extensive roofing works including the replacement of a number of roof lights and the introduction of an effective gutter lining solution in order to extend the life of the existing 15 year old gutters.

When HD Sharmans technical representatives measured the project they were faced with two boundary gutters, and three valley gutters in poor condition and leaking. Each gutter measured over 280 linear metres making the handling of materials on site a critical consideration; the Plygene Gutterline was subsequently provided in 56m rolls, minimising joints and removing all on site handling concerns.

In addition to providing the Plygene Gutterline system (a unique 'gutter within a gutter'), HD Sharman also value-engineered a number of additional bespoke elements for the project, including 64 moulded weir overflows and the manufacture of 135 high density syphonic clamping rings to replace the original units lost over the years due to poor maintenance and cleaning.

"The fact that the team from HD Sharman were able to supply us with these additional, bespoke, accessories was another reason why we chose to work with the Plygene Gutterline system on this project," comments director of Oakley Industrial Services Peter Clarke.

"It meant that there were no delays on site, thus saving both time and money. It was also something that no other gutter maintenance solutions supplier could do."

Plygene Gutterline is the only gutterlining system approved by the BBA and backed by a market-leading 25 year guarantee. For over 30 years, it has been the proven choice of contractors all over the UK, and has been used extensively across retail, industrial and distribution projects. Peter concludes:

"There is simply no other product like it; it fixes leaking gutters for good! The Plygene material is flexible and hard-wearing, and installation is quick and easy for our roofers. Most importantly, it stops the gutters leaking and ensures longevity because of its 25 year guarantee. I'd recommend it to anyone that listens."

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